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Fluid: Manitou Fashion Show

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 at City Hall in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Fluid was a chic and contemporary fashion show presented by William Maestas Productions in collaboration with The Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts and SunWater Spa, that blended fashions from 12 local boutiques or designers with hair designs and make up artistry from local stylists. A cocktail reception, a substantial silent auction featuring products from local restaurants, boutiques, artists and more, beats by local DJ Eddy Sound, Emcee Maile Gray and food and drinks provided by Good Karma Café of Manitou Springs.

The goal of Fluid was to raise funds for the Mineral Springs Foundation of Manitou Springs. Since its establishment in 1987, the Mineral Springs Foundation has been able to restore and develop eight mineral springs with help from the City of Manitou Springs and private landowners. In addition to restoring the springs, the foundation has taken legal action to ensure that the springs remain protected. These springs are not only unique resources, but they are historic landmarks that date back to 1820 when the first settlers came to the area for the waters healing properties. This historic background makes the region a major tourist attraction providing economic growth for the area.

Boutiques: SunWater Spa, Santa Fe Springs, The Poppy Seed, Rocky Mountain Way Merchantile, The Ten Spot, LeGrande Accents, Piramide Clothing Company, La Henna Boheme, & Safron

Designers: Wildflower's Jewelry, Fogg Couture, & NIHL NYC

Hair: Jen Brawner, Van Allen, KJ Murphy & Jazmine Gibson

Makeup: Rebecca Jay Makeup Artistry

Models: Alli Cheyne, Logan Torres, Carolyn Nowak, Dayna Deleon, Mackenzee Thompson, Nikki Strickler, Suzie Kaufman, Skylar Robertson, Tallon VanNoy, Phearri Williams, Jenna Frazier, Allison Valin, Brittany Stuart, Victoria Gordon, Lindsey Bennett, Katerina Reynolds, Daina Elliot, Megan Roughen, Camille Elizabeth, Bella Galardo, Jordan Albright, Nathan Springs, Julian Garfio, Eddie Davis & Addison Higgins

Photos by: Robert A. Rice & Rebecca Howard

Project Numbers


3 Designers & 9 Boutiques


20 Female & 5 Male



Project Gallery

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