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Color of Fashion FW2021

September 17th and 18th, 2021 - Runway Photos

Color of Fashion was founded by Samantha Joseph and Alicia Myers with the purpose of elevating fashion and promoting inclusivity by bridging the gap between diversity and high fashion. These are the official shows highlighting all the colors of fashion and beauty. At this pivotal time in fashion, the most influential leaders are diverse. It is important for us to be part of this push emphasizing the power and absolute dominance of fashion.

Photos by: William Maestas (@wmaestas)

Hair Team: Vanessa WhitMarsh (lead), Ashley Norris, Stephanie Gonzalez Garcia, Sharae Smith, Jenna Warriner, Ceeya Jay, Blair Vigneron, James Mucker, Dawn Steffensmeier, Keva Morris, Kevas Davis, Grace Martin, Tanaya Takahashi and Adan Arteaga

Makeup Team: Brad VanDyke (Lead), TL Professional Services LLC, Cydney Staples, Danielle Gambino, Erica Treat, Eric Quintana, Lani Fischer, Lillian Marsh, Elena Lopez, Aimee Whitehead, Janelle Maestas and Daja Herrera.

Nails: Nails By K.R.

Video by: Preston Perich (@prestonperich)

William Maestas Productions is a proud sponsor of Color of Fashion

Project Numbers


11 National Designers




65 Total

Project Gallery

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