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Blush: A Fashion Engagement

Friday, April 21st, 2017, at Fusion Night Club in Fort Collins, Colorado

Blush was a tasteful and flirty runway show and live auction presented by William Maestas Productions that took place on Friday, April 21, 2017, at Fusion Night Club in Fort Collins. The event featured Bachelorette, Bridal, Jewelry, Tuxedos, Lingerie, Mens' Underwear, Bikinis and Sunglasses to benefit WomenGive Larimer County! The idea of this fashion show was to take you through the whole process of getting hitched! From active wear for "getting fit" for your big day, to cocktail attire for bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners, the big day, and something to wear on the beach for your honeymoon!

WomenGive Larimer County provides support and financial assistance in the form of childcare scholarships. This is a critical part of United Way of Larimer County’s efforts to cut poverty in half by 2025.

Boutiques: Cira Ltd., Denver Tux, Satin Camisole, & Edge Optics

Designers: Deedee Vicory of D'Lola Couture, Kendra Scott & Lululemon Fort Collins

Hair: Murat Tercan of Enchante A European Salon

Makeup: Kim Clay Artistry

Project Numbers


2 Designers & 4 Boutiques


20 Female & 10 Male



Project Gallery

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