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Allison Nicole SS18/SS19 Collections

"Late to the Carnival" - January 19th, 2020

"Late to the Carnival"

An editorial collaboration featuring designs by Allison Nicole.

Allison Nicole Berger, head designer and owner of Allison Nicole Designs, was born and raised in Laurel, Maryland. Her love for sewing sparked at a very young age as she witnessed her grandmother's construction of beautiful pieces.

"As a child, my grandmother would always do hand-embroidery and paint beautiful things reflective of nature like flowers, butterflies, and animals. I still have many hand-embroidered, and painted quilts that were hand-sewn by her. I have the fondest memories of painting with my grandma; I learned so much from her and I can credit my aesthetic to her. Even though she is not with us anymore, she will always be with me in spirit and live through my designs."

Allison displayed a passion for design at the early age of 8 when she learned to use her grandmother’s sewing machine. Design show, Project Runway, further fueled her creativity. Her grandmother bought her first sewing machine for Christmas at 12 years-old. As Allison grew, so did her passion for art and construction. She found pleasure in transforming her sketches and two dimensional patterns into tangible clothing.

Allison worked and interned with a few different sewing/design studios throughout high school and college and secured a B.S. in Apparel and Merchandising/Apparel Design and Production. In 2017, she launched her namesake line, Allison Nicole Designs. Inspired by the female figure, soft and flowing fabrics and florals, Allison Nicole Designs creates ethereal gowns and custom pieces for every woman and every occasion.

Visit Allison's website here:

Photos by: William Maestas (@wmaestas)

Designs by: Allison Nicole (@allison_nicole_designs)

HMUA: Amber Trujillo (@truamberrae)

Video Courtesy of Oxford Fashion Studio & Paris Fashion Week SS20 - @OxfordFashionStudio

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